Warning Unheeded – dVerse Poetics

I’m getting into this dVerse thing, big time! Thank you to everyone there for the warm welcome 🙂

So, here’s my submission to the dVerse Poetics prompt – this week, we are asked to write something inspired by a time-worn phrase or saying, whether it is something from the TV, the radio, a song, an old catchphrase that we or friends, family or colleagues use – inspiration can be found anywhere.

This week, the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ has been floating around in my head. I could probably explain why, but perhaps that’s not relevant.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my piece below – please do visit the linky link thing to read many more!


– Warning Unheeded –

‘Be careful, be careful’

the old woman said,

my youth it knew better

and I shook my head.


‘You’re old and you’re feeble’

I stated with scorn,

and tossed barbed-wire glances –

her face fell, forlorn.


I wanted the top job,

accolades in all spheres,

‘All hail the big chief’

to ring in my ears.


I did achieve fame,

yes, fortune was mine,

but something was missing

no love to entwine


in the twists and the turns

of my life, well-endowed

no face to light up

for my own, in a crowd.


Be careful, be careful

I’m an old woman now,

in my youth I was wrong –

it’s too late for me now.