Life Lessons – Līgo Haibun Challenge

This week, I have decided to dip another toe in the world of the haibun – a piece of prose followed by a haiku poem. The Līgo Haibun Challenge is hosted by Penny, Ye Pirate and Nightlake – why not take a trip to their blogs to find out more?

This week’s two alternative prompts are the following words:



I have chosen ‘apathy’ – because I really couldn’t be bothered wih paradise… 🙂

Please do go and check out the other entries by visiting any of the co-hosts’ blogs and finding the InLinkz linky thing! There are some very talented writers out there…


– Life Lessons –

Recently, there have been days when I have fought hard to just drag myself out of bed. There have been moments when I have wondered (sometimes out loud) ‘What’s the point?’

Life is never what we plan. Lucky is the old man who can look back on the decades and think ‘Yes, this is what I imagined it to be’. Did he achieve everything that he wanted, when all was said and done?

Probably not.

The trick is to pull yourself through the dark parts so that they don’t drag you down. Learn from them, don’t let them consume you, nor let them take control of your life. Don’t let your darkest predictions become your reality. Do not, do not become apathetic in the face of life’s tough stuff.

Life can be terrible and wonderful. It usually has elements of both for all of us. And yet, we can spend so much time focusing on the disaster, wallowing in it, letting it define us and allowing it to stop us in our tracks that the autumn and winter of our lives arrive like an express train, whilst we barely notice the joy of the spring and summer.

Not bothering, not experiencing, not being in the world – terrible choices, all. Take time to breathe when life knocks you sideways, because it surely will. Don’t take the choice of opting out. Regrets lie there, aplenty.

life lessons are tough

the trick is to learn them well

winter comes quickly


21 thoughts on “Life Lessons – Līgo Haibun Challenge

  1. This is good, Freya. Well expressed with the perfect accompanying haiku! I really enjoyed the ‘Life’s Lessons’ aspect, putting apathy into the right perspective, well written – a pleasure for me read!

  2. Thanks for your visit and kind words to ‘Unfair Trade Winds’ – I was just talking to a friend the other day and he was saying how he was a tad envious of his children both doing what they love while he plodded on his job just to pay the bills. At least he was also happy for them. Winter can be beautiful if we like that industrious ‘ant’ prepare with our learned lessons.

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