Stripped – dVerse Open Link Night


excise the superfluous

distil to the essence

strip away fat

reveal the bones

expose meaning to the light

and then write


Tonight is Open Link Night over at dVerse. No theme, no particular form, just poetry of your own choice. My offering tonight is very short, but that reflects the whole point of the message!

If you hunger for more – more length, more delicacy, more romance, more form, more poetry, head on over to dVerse and enjoy – take part, even!

30 thoughts on “Stripped – dVerse Open Link Night

      1. Of course it is – and I did have to check to make sure I hadn’t spelled it incorrectly, so I learned something too! Sidewalk versus pavement is much more clear 😉

  1. Freya! This is so well done! Sometimes, when I feel I have over-written I say I need to ‘Haiku it.’ In other words, strip it to its barest of essential words to convey the meaning at its core. This says it brilliantly 🙂

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