Perfectly imperfect


If only…

I could colour the world with the perfect word painting

If only…

I could dip my brush in just the right hue

Quinacridone Gold

to capture the sun’s dawn bright

If only…

It would all just come easily to me

I would be happy.

No – no I wouldn’t.

Those wishes would be soiled

by lack of energy expended

by the missing link between idea and crossing the finish line

because all I would feel would be the end, and not the journey.

There would be no happy accidents along the way

to warm my creative cockles.

Cockles need warming, no?


It’s time for dVerse Poetics – hurrah! Mish asks us to write about wishes, in whatever way takes our fancy. This is quite apt – I went to my first life drawing session on Sunday. I’ve never done it before, and did, I confess, get somewhat frustrated with drawing damned hands! There was much use of the eraser, and some under my breath muttering!

But… much of the joy is in the learning, isn’t it!

Please take a look on dVerse and… why not join in?

37 thoughts on “Perfectly imperfect

  1. This is absolutely incredible writing, Freya 😀 love how you create magic with images ‘I could dip my brush in just the right hue, Quinacridone Gold to capture the sun’s dawn bright’ Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  2. Love this! Love the question at the end which truly engages the reader 😊. And yes, I do agree – it is in the journey itself where the rewards are reaped.

  3. Drawing with words and drawing with paint – some days can be so challenging! I enjoyed the placement of these two concepts – and I am so inspired by your recent endeavor with the painting class! Thank you for sharing your poem. 🙂

  4. sMiLes..Freya..
    if life were paint
    by numbers.. all would
    be a school.. all would be
    pre-defined instructions for work..
    all would
    be a form
    to fill
    out from
    A to Z and
    only other symbols
    too.. on pages of books..
    and numbers
    1 through
    10 and
    thru F
    to grade results
    already known and felt..
    truly.. an iSReAL Zombie Apocalypse..
    come to pre-determined random soup oF liFe..:)

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