To arms – dVerse Quadrille Monday


“Push the door, just a little

and stride into the unknown beyond,”

my brave heart urges, insistent, strong.

I shake my head, in time with my quivering hands,

fight-flight pushing and pulling me


I think I want to cower.

But I go.



It’s time for the dVerse Quadrille Monday, where this week Victoria invites us to wrote on the theme of ‘open’ in any manner we choose, as long as we use the quadrille form.

The picture above is the coat of arms for Birmingham (UK), the city of my birth. The lady on the left is holding a book and an artist’s palette, representing art, and the man on the left is a blacksmith, representing industry. It gives me a feeling of strength and determination, very much how the people of Birmingham were, and how I see them (us) still.

I’ve been taking a little breather from writing to regroup, and it’s good to ease myself back in with a quadrille, a form I really enjoy writing in.

Please do head on over to dVerse to read… and take part – why not?

52 thoughts on “To arms – dVerse Quadrille Monday

  1. I know what you mean about the need to regroup and certainly can relate to the sentiment expressed in your poem. I like the ‘portmanteau’ words you’ve created there!

  2. Enjoyed this brief foray into fear & resolution. Inadvertently, the word “open” did not appear. but the action is used, so I thought you were just being clever/brave/unconventional & thinking outside of the prompt/box; smile.

  3. Yes, those open doors can be intimidating…the fear of the unknown is one of my greatest fears, so I appreciated the encouraging ending to your poem.

  4. So pleased to see you back again, Freya. I can identify with these lines::
    I shake my head, in time with my quivering hands,
    fight-flight pushing and pulling me

  5. Interestingly.. a newest
    therapy for PTSD.. is
    adventure therapy..
    to open a door
    for greater
    of positivity
    over fear to retrain
    every peptide memory
    of trillions of connections
    across all cells to feel liGht
    rather than all associated
    with the dARk of FEAr..
    the body leads
    the mind
    body is the
    mind.. body electric
    or whatever Whitman
    said is more than poetic
    now.. we are beings oF liGht
    in everY ceLL of chemical reaction
    for positive emotion of neurochemical..
    neurohormone.. peptide receptorS in trilLions
    of connections singing sharps instead of flats..
    And sure.. it works
    as i for one.. once shut
    in for 66 months can SinG
    and DancE solo noW without even
    a blink or hesitation of NO that Now
    is only fear when it comes to ExpreSsinG
    SpiRit oF ARt.. but ha..!.. my aDventures
    haven’t been easy.. at first.. buT aLL
    well worth it now..
    as fear kills every
    thing liGht when
    and negative @aLL..
    Neuroplasticity and EpigeneticS noW
    from head to toe A SonG i’LL sinG iSReAL SoUL noW2..
    Imagine if the UniVerse could DancE and SinG..
    What a gift.. for we caN
    with relative
    Free WiLL noW
    and Fearless Love..
    platitudes only.. nah.. we
    are connected and all is interrelated
    from head to toe.. inside.. outside.. all
    around above to stars to neurons
    and all peptide
    Cells iSREAL..
    Sorry that’s several
    Quadrille’s.. WiNks but
    it’s leg quarters.. they
    all joined up and were hard to cut..
    as they continued to open up.. see yA.. Freya..:)

      1. Winks..
        i did it before
        i read the science..
        That happens
        A lot
        No reason but HeArt
        The power to heal..
        Innate instinct
        And intuition
        Yogi and
        Other ways..:)

  6. An interesting coat of arms! Perhaps you could add: Push the door “open”, just a little…
    It takes some courage to pull back from writing and re-enter again 🙂

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