Shell-like – dVerse Meeting the Bar



An orb with no end

No beginning

No clue as to exactly what lies within


A feast for a small tummy

An accompaniment to the main event

For the grown amongst us

we want – if not need – more than that


Keep me safe until I am ready

Until my lungs are grown

Until the good air can sustain me


No defence against the tile floor

Smithereens I am now

Slipped between clumsy fingers


Oh, the joyous result

when mixed with sugar, flour, butter

and baked for all to enjoy

– with frosting aboard

and candles of course


This was my home, Mama!

How did i fit in there?

Why didn’t I break it?

Oh, I do love a challenge! Tonight, on dVerse Meeting the Bar, Bjorn invites us to adopt a cubist approach as we write about an every day object. As Bjorn explains:

“Cubism is first of all not abstract, but another form of realism. The pioneers were Pablo Picasso and George Braque who started to explore reality using the following starting points.

Break the concept of perspective, something that had been around at least since the renaissance.

Break the picture into simplified objects with clear borders in between. These forms were often done as geometric object, each of them simplified and with clear borders between them.”

So, we are invited to apply these concepts and adapt them to writing a poem!

I enjoyed writing about eggs on Tuesday, so I thought I would continue – I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I have managed to achieve what Bjorn has asked of us!

Please do head on over to dVerse, read, enjoy and rise to the challenge!

35 thoughts on “Shell-like – dVerse Meeting the Bar

  1. I thought at first you were writing about seashells then I realized half-way through it was eggshells. 🙂 The ending with birthday cake was so sweet.

  2. You ain’t afraid of no eggs–and we are the richer for it; another provocative episode of EGGS R’ US, or THE EGG & YOU. I do go off eggs when I think about alligators, rattlesnakes, & snapping turtles producing them, remembering that birds are snakes with wings.

  3. I have to admit, I too thought you were writing about a seashell, so the ‘feast for a small tummy’ kind of three me and I had to double-take. The tile floor – oh don’t I know about that! And such a cute ending! Super(n)ova!

  4. Oh this is such a stunning rendition Freya 😀 I especially adore ‘Keep me safe until I am ready until my lungs are grown, until the good air can sustain me’ Beautifully executed.

  5. Wonderful reply to the prompt — all these views of the egg – the ova…and I agree! It’s amazing even at birth to look at this scrunched up little one and truly understand they grew within us much less resided there, this size, in the last few days!!

  6. An orb with no end
    No beginning
    No clue as to exactly what lies within

    Hidden what’s inside smashed if dropped and a base for cakes.Brilliant way Freya, of relating to the prompt through an ordinary egg.


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