The itch

I seem to have been away for a few… years?!

Potted history – bereavement, illness, lost relationships, gained relationships, stress, joy, angst.


And then the ‘itch’. After receiving a few emails from NaNoWriMo and the women’s writing magazine Mslexia, after inadvertently opening and reading an old short story of mine on my laptop rather than another document, after picking up and reading a collection of short stories I had contributed to… the ‘itch’ could no longer be ignored.

I’ve picked up a dystopian novel I started writing way before Brexit – the plot is bizarrely prescient in some ways. It doesn’t tackle Brexit – but there are themes there that I wonder how I picked up on at the time.

It’s too irresistible to ignore.

And so I appear to be back, at least in some form or other.

Did you miss me?

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