A word you have to look up – SoCS Oct 17/2020

It’s been a very long while. I’ve been away from my blog, away from the social media circus but am dipping my toe in. I’m focusing on my work in progress novel (editing stage!), but feel the need to exercise my literary, wordy brain a little differently. What better way than a bit of Stream of Consciousness Saturday, courtesy of the lovely Linda?

This week the prompt is, as you can tell from the title, a word you have to look up. Here’s my contribution. And you’re welcome to the tiny insight into my workaday world…


This is so dull, but it’s the word that came to mind, so here it is.

Cedent, or, is it cedant? Believe me, if it wasn’t for my job, I doubt this word would ever cause me any trouble, because I would never use it!

A cedent (or cedant) is ‘a party in an insurance contract who passes the financial obligation for certain potential losses to the insurer. In return for bearing a particular risk of loss, the cedent pays an insurance premium’ (thank you, Investopedia). Of course we all have some familiarity with this as insurance is something that is part of every day (adult) life, it’s just that most of us don’t think in insurance language on a day to day basis.

As it happens, neither spelling is incorrect. I am also pretty decent at spelling (autocorrect in texting notwithstanding!). This causes its own problems because then you have to commit to spelling it consistently every time you use it. I suffer with this. I may write an email or a document and use the word consistently throughout, but then the next time I write this infuriating word, I have to check how I wrote it last time. And then colleagues may spell it differently to me and then we have to have the discussion as to which one should be adopted as the company style. Believe me, the fun is never ending…

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