Desiderata – Magpie Tales

sowa a-summer-night-s-melancholy michael sowa

They just don’t understand me. They just see what they want to see. I am incarcerated here in solitude, because of their own stupidity. Fools, the lot of them. Aren’t I just following my instincts, heeding a primordial call to do what my forefathers, my mothers on mothers did, in order to survive?

Grrrrrrr… This is frustration, not aggression! They refuse to listen, to pay attention to my needs. They aren’t the responsible ones, shrouding themselves in cotton, and wool and leather, walking upright, as if any of that makes them better than me! It’s a veneer, a facade, they are but animals too. Not that makes me inferior. At least I know who and what i am!

All I want is my food. The cat is an irrelevance.


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Meat is Murder – Sunday Photo Fiction


I zip up my wet suit, noticing the tightness in my shoulder as I reach between my shoulder blades. I’m not getting any younger or more flexible, and it’s been a week since I felt the muscle tear. I have to do this now, before it’s too late.

I look up, back to the dunes and watch Timmy gnawing at the bone I had given him earlier. Hopefully, the marrow will keep him occupied long enough for me to be nearing the horizon and far beyond his failing eyesight. I’d been giving him a lot of meaty treats lately. Guilt, I suppose.

I pat my chest, feeling the reassuring crackle of plastic underneath. All of our, no my worldly goods are in there. It should be enough.

I push the canoe into the waves, past the first swells and step in, settling myself into the seat. I begin paddling, strong, swift strokes that are my reward for months of practice.

I ponder at Timmy’s new and healthy appetite. Funny, I’d never thought of him as a predator before. Still, I suppose any animal can develop a taste for human flesh, given the opportunity…


Here’s my latest entry into Alistair’s Sunday Photo Fiction. He supplies us with his own wonderful photos, so deserves our support! Happy Sunday, all….

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My faithful friend
has soulful eyes and wisdom
beyond her years.
Aeons of understanding
are ensconced inside
that domed and silken skull.
Knowledge pulsates with every heartbeat,
each inward breath absorbs my fears
and calms my concerns.
Oh noble beast, traveller through time
companion of pre-history
right-hand protector to monarchs
and serfs alike.
Continue with me now,
humour my desire for a silent witness
to my trifling joys and tribulations.
I know you are so much more than this – a pet –
be here for me and I will re-pay you a thousandfold.




MarinaSofia is another new host here at the dVerse Poets Pub. She debuts tonight and as she polishes the glasses, inspects the optics and makes sure the pumps are working at their best capacity (we’re a thirsty lot!), she asks us to ponder on animals. We have free reign to approach our chosen beast in any way we wish – how generous of her!

I have chosen a dog – not because I have one (although, as you may remember, I am sharing a residence with Fuji-sensei), but because I would really, really like to own my own dog someday. Whilst writing this piece, I pictured the noble Saluki, which is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. Perhaps that will be my breed of choice, one day when I am lucky enough to be able own one?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my poem – please do visit dVerse and marvel at the talents of my fellow poets!