My faithful friend
has soulful eyes and wisdom
beyond her years.
Aeons of understanding
are ensconced inside
that domed and silken skull.
Knowledge pulsates with every heartbeat,
each inward breath absorbs my fears
and calms my concerns.
Oh noble beast, traveller through time
companion of pre-history
right-hand protector to monarchs
and serfs alike.
Continue with me now,
humour my desire for a silent witness
to my trifling joys and tribulations.
I know you are so much more than this – a pet –
be here for me and I will re-pay you a thousandfold.




MarinaSofia is another new host here at the dVerse Poets Pub. She debuts tonight and as she polishes the glasses, inspects the optics and makes sure the pumps are working at their best capacity (we’re a thirsty lot!), she asks us to ponder on animals. We have free reign to approach our chosen beast in any way we wish – how generous of her!

I have chosen a dog – not because I have one (although, as you may remember, I am sharing a residence with Fuji-sensei), but because I would really, really like to own my own dog someday. Whilst writing this piece, I pictured the noble Saluki, which is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated dog. Perhaps that will be my breed of choice, one day when I am lucky enough to be able own one?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my poem – please do visit dVerse and marvel at the talents of my fellow poets!

41 thoughts on “Saluki

  1. i would like to have a pups again as well….i hard one growing up…they are def great companions…def see the souls
    they do grow to know us so well as well….

  2. Snap!
    “humour my desire for a silent witness
    to my trifling joys and tribulations.”
    This is the essence I tried to distill as well, but more clumsily.

  3. I admit I had to check what a saluki is. This is a very big dog indeed!
    I have the feeling with my own dog that she has soulful eyes and even as a baby there was something in her eyes which made her look older and wiser.

  4. Oh, i understand the desire to own a dog. Dogs are indeed so much more than pets. They are friends for life. I hope you eventually get your saluki.

  5. I hope you get the dog of your choice ~ They are faithful pets and will repay your friendship with so much devotion ~ Good one ~

    1. Yes, I think they know more about everything that it is important to know… we seem to spend our time thinking about the dross… animals know better. Thank you!

  6. When you watch Cosmos, & the host explains the centuries it took to domesticate dogs from wolves, it is extra special to look into canine eyes & let your soul touch theirs. Are there dogs in heaven? There better be.

  7. As i read this , i was convinced you’re already a dog owner…you describe the noble breed so well…i have a husky lab mix and she’s a faithful friend as well.

  8. When commenting about dogs, I often quote Robert Louis Stevenson when he was asked if dogs would be in heaven – his answer “I tell you they will be there before us”

    My sister raises Rhodesian Ridgebacks who are great, but our favorite dog is a rescue pitbull. We were foster parents for about six, helping them get ready for forever homes.

    good luck – it’s work, and make sure you go to obedience school – but it’s true love 🙂

    1. I do like the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, they are very powerful looking beasts. Fostering sounds like a challenge, although a great deal of fun!

      I think obedience school is a must – for me, more than the dog 😉

      1. we worked witha doggie psychologist for the rescue dogs, but we got 10 times more love than we put in.

        Have you heard the old saying… what do you need to know to teach a dog tricks ? More than the dog 🙂

  9. Sounds like you are yearning for a dog like I was yearning for a cat. Hope you get your heart’s desire soon, it is sooo worth it!
    And I think you capture a crucial aspect: the dog really loves you for what you are, king or serf, the trappings of status matter not at all!

  10. Such a beautiful tribute to that noble dog. I had two Great Pyrennees when my children were growing up. They were wonderful…their lives too short though. I am also thinking about a dog…not ready yet, though.

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