Bus – #SoCS Sept. 24/16


On a Sunday morning, I’m probably the youngest person on the bus – and believe you me, I’m no teenager! Nor am I in my twenties or thirties… sigh!

But that got me thinking. Just because I am physically the youngest, does that mean I am also the youngest mentally? If I have my health and all my mental faculties about me when I’m a pensioner (or senior, as people of a certain age are known in other countries), I want to see the funny, light side of life. I want to find joy in the most mundane of things, have a cheeky sense of humour and not feel constricted by deadlines, by the Monday to Friday routine, by all those matters that can weigh us down when we’re of (standard) working age.

I have wondered, every now and again, what is going on in the minds of my older fellow travellers. I hope they are enjoying life in the way I aspire to, when I reach their age. They’ve contributed to society, paid their way, put the hours in. I think they deserve to kick back and wear a cheeky grin, don’t you?


It’s Saturday (hurrah!) so that means it’s time for the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and this week she invites us to write using the word ‘bus’, or a word that includes it.

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Hot! Damn Hot! #SoCS Sept. 17/16


I don’t know if Monday to Thursday this week has been the hottest few days we’ve had in September ever, but it certainly has been rather warm. So… cue trains with no air-conditioning… or so much that us poor passengers felt like we were trapped in a moving fridge (I kid you not!). Thankfully, my office’s air-con has been working well recently, so the temperature has been just right. Although… when I stepped outside for a lunch break, I felt as if I’d walked into a hot duvet.

And… speaking of duvets… too hot with it on, too exposed with it off! I felt all Goldilocks, but never being able to find the scenario that was just right.

I’m not really complaining, honest! It has been lovely to have some late summer sunshine. Perhaps I’d have been better off being born somewhere more northerly. I do want to visit Iceland one day…



It’s time for Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where this week we are invited to write using ‘-est’. So, it’s been hot here in the UK, as you can tell!

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Seconds out – SoCS July 23/16


It only takes a second to say the wrong word, and once said, it can’t be unsaid. It’s out there, ringing in the ears of the listener, ricocheting from one side of your own skull to the other, along with ‘Damn, I could have said that better/differently/ more eloquently’.

I wrestle with this problem a great deal. I am much, much better at writing things down. taking the time to type or handwrite gives me thinking room. I can delete or strike through the ‘wrong’ words and start over again if necessary.

I am working on this challenge, trying to overcome it. The problem is, if something is important to me, I attach emotions to it, and then I become tongue-tied. So, it becomes a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Complicated, huh?

Even if I do manage to best this beast, I think I’ll always prefer writing. Which is a good thing, because writing is my passion 🙂


It’s time for the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where this week, the theme is ‘second’, to use in any way we want.

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