Seconds out – SoCS July 23/16


It only takes a second to say the wrong word, and once said, it can’t be unsaid. It’s out there, ringing in the ears of the listener, ricocheting from one side of your own skull to the other, along with ‘Damn, I could have said that better/differently/ more eloquently’.

I wrestle with this problem a great deal. I am much, much better at writing things down. taking the time to type or handwrite gives me thinking room. I can delete or strike through the ‘wrong’ words and start over again if necessary.

I am working on this challenge, trying to overcome it. The problem is, if something is important to me, I attach emotions to it, and then I become tongue-tied. So, it becomes a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Complicated, huh?

Even if I do manage to best this beast, I think I’ll always prefer writing. Which is a good thing, because writing is my passion 🙂


It’s time for the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where this week, the theme is ‘second’, to use in any way we want.

Please do hop on over to Linda’s place, find out how others have interpreted this week’s prompt, and why not take part?

12 thoughts on “Seconds out – SoCS July 23/16

  1. I prefer writing to speaking in challenging situations, because I’m better at it. I forget, though, that some people don’t get this and prefer to talk. It still surprises me when I come across someone who doesn’t like to write at all.

  2. I so feel your pain. You do not know how many times I have suffered because the wrong thing has come out of my mouth. Unfortunately, if I get going, the wrong thing can come out of my keyboard, my phone…it’s just a mess lol. I’m making slow progress. Thank you for writing about this:) LC

    1. Yes, particularly in texting… the easiest way for two people to communicate and misunderstand each other. I misinterpret texts, because it’s hard to get the ‘tone’.

      1. Well said. I’m going to put your SoCS put on #MondayBlogs:) sometime today.That means I’ll RT it with that hashtag and hopefully they’ll RT it to a huge audience.I also like to add @Monday Blogs when I have room.

      2. Don’t thank me: you earned it. You should check out @MondayBlogs. They do this ALL day Monday and you might find some interesting stuff to read.

  3. Like you, I think more clearly through writing, than speaking, especially in emotionally fraught situations. But I have to be careful when it comes to Facebook as some, especially family, don’t get my sense of humor and misunderstand the intent of my words. As with texting, we too often type in haste and say things the wrong way, plus the impossibility of knowing the tone or emotion behind the words.

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