Possessed – 3 Word Wednesday


He can devastate me with only a look. No words are necessary.

We are intertwined, like the gossamer threads of a spider’s web. So resilient in one circumstance, so friable and delicate in another.

I do not yet have the measure of him. I am almost certain that it will be a lifetime’s work. I may not complete it in the years left to me on this earth.

My mood will plummet like the setting sun, as surely as his mood takes me down with him. He is a dark man, a man of the night’s soul, a man of the calm before the storm.

I can no more extricate myself from him, than the fly caught in the spider’s web. The more I struggle, the more fast am I caught.

It will surely hurt less if I accept my plight.


This is my latest entry to 3 Word Wednesday, I hope you enjoy it’s darkness and menace. Please do take a look at the other offerings!

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The Girl – Magpie Tales


The Girl had given up long ago. You could see it in her eyes.

She had decided – as young girls often do when life turns on them, viper fast and twice as deadly – that self-protection was her only option.

She pulled up her drawbridge. She armed her battlements. She opted for ‘No’ when she desired ‘Yes’.

Oh, The Girl’s life was safer, alright. How could it be anything more when she had turned her back on the world? How could she take risks with her arms folded tightly across her chest and her hands clenched into tiny fists?

She looked, but she did not see. She observed and noticed nothing.

She turned inwards. She defended herself from anyone and everything.

And so, she disappeared.


Here’s my latest entry into Magpie Tales. I don’t know why this picture of cosy winter socks took me down this road. Sometimes, the muse is slant-eyed…

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Jessica Week is here

Finally, after much wondering, waiting, questioning, screaming and shouting, Jessica Week is here.

Some people say that Helena Hann-Basquiat keeps Jessica B. Bell locked up in a basement. Some say that she is a figment of her imagination. Some don’t know what to say, because they are lost for words. Some say nothing, because they are terrified.

Some of us have been caught up in the frenzy, searching high and low, trying to help Helena chronicle her search as she went. What did happen to Jessica B. Bell? Who is she? Where is she? Where did she come from? Where is she going?

Head on over to Helena’s place to read Part One of this thrilling, chilling story. Keep on following – this is, after all Jessica Week.

See you on the dark side…