Icebound – dVerse

No, do not reach inside of me.
Not any more.
For there is nothing left.



She is a cracked plastic spoon,

brittle, cheap, temporary

in our use it, bin it world.

Not worth a second thought –

that’s what he thinks, anyway.

He is a brutal jackhammer

pounding everything in his path

scything his way through

without a second thought.

They are a match made in hell.


Sadly, this poem was inspired by a couple I observed whilst out and about in town today. They played on my mind and followed me home, in my head at least. I feel a little better for ‘writing it out’, but I do wonder what will become of them.

Merry Go Round – dVerse Poetics: Even Monkeys…


because I held on too long to what happened before

because I thought too much about maintaining the status quo

of the good times now

because I didn’t want to rock the boat

because I couldn’t bear for you to shout at me again

(a rare thing

just one time

but that was more than enough)

because I didn’t feel like the daughter

and you didn’t (know how to) behave like the dad

because I wanted to bask in your sunshine

like a satisfied seal on summer-heated rocks




now you’re gone and I can never ask you –




and I only have the echo of your voice

in the cavernous shadows of my mind

and I only have your smile

slightly faded now, in my eye

because of all of this and so much more –

I ask questions

I seek answers





a hard lesson, cruelly earned.

I’m thankful.


I think.


dVerse Poetics this week is hosted by guest host CC, who blogs here.

Our prompt this week is to think and write about mistakes we have made – have we learned from them? Did they have a silver lining? Were they the worst thing ever, even with the clarity of hindsight?

I wasn’t going to take part – not because I couldn’t think of anyhting to write, but because I damn well could, and some days, I am filled with ‘if only’ and ‘what if I..?’. You know. But I grabbed the thorny rose and I am glad I did. It’s cathartic. And I know the lovely dVerse community will be equally as honest – and that’s a comfort to me, to know that we’re all just human and none of us perfect.

Can I encourage you once again to open the door of the dVerse Poets’ Pub and stop by for a drink, a natter and a read? Maybe write your own thoughts down and share them too? We don’t bite – well, only if asked πŸ˜‰