All Whipped Up – dVerse Meeting the Bar

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Meeting the Bar. This week, Gay is urging us to explore American Sentences, 17 syllables of deliciousness a little like haiku, but sentence-style and jazzed up, beat poetry style. Allen Ginsberg, anyone?

My selection are inspired by the sudden cold-snap we seem to be experiencing (I love a clear night sky with a bright, white moon!), plus a remembrance of the Great Storm of 2013 we were hit by a few weeks ago. Oh, and the sea, because that’s where I live!


– All Whipped Up –

My beach is glorious in winter, few choose to brave the elements.

My cheeks, whipped raw by sand and spume, rosy testament to Nature’s gifts.

My waves suck and draw shingle, crush shells, shred seaweed, salt crusting old boots.

My shuttered shops, empty carousel, cacophony for eyes and ears.


Trafalgar Street – dVerse Open Link Week 121

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This is inspired by some of the signs I see on the street that I walk up and down twice a day – either shop names, hoardings or similar. Believe me, there are plenty more! I love the fact that there are no nation-wide chain stores on this street (apart from a car rental place that I haven’t mentioned) – but it can feel a bit like overload on the eyes and mind, taking in all of this information!


– Trafalgar Street –

what’s the DAMAGE now?
let the BREEZE refresh your senses
and I could be your LUCKY STAR
BREAD & MILK was once the staff of life
(but watch out if gluten is your nemesis) –
Welcome to my GAFF
come on in – please wipe your feet
I paid more than I can afford
for these ANTIQUES
read all about it
and watch your money pour down the drain
will blow your socks off
(just what you need after a hard day’s work)
book in your tech for some PHONE SURGERY
which has become more necessary –
who needs health if your phone is dead?
REAL PATISSERIE is the only choice here
because all other cakes are oh-so-faux
BITE me, that’s what the kids say, innit, these days?
just give me the gods’ honest truth –
what is THE POINT?