All Whipped Up – dVerse Meeting the Bar

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Meeting the Bar. This week, Gay is urging us to explore American Sentences, 17 syllables of deliciousness a little like haiku, but sentence-style and jazzed up, beat poetry style. Allen Ginsberg, anyone?

My selection are inspired by the sudden cold-snap we seem to be experiencing (I love a clear night sky with a bright, white moon!), plus a remembrance of the Great Storm of 2013 we were hit by a few weeks ago. Oh, and the sea, because that’s where I live!


– All Whipped Up –

My beach is glorious in winter, few choose to brave the elements.

My cheeks, whipped raw by sand and spume, rosy testament to Nature’s gifts.

My waves suck and draw shingle, crush shells, shred seaweed, salt crusting old boots.

My shuttered shops, empty carousel, cacophony for eyes and ears.


42 thoughts on “All Whipped Up – dVerse Meeting the Bar

  1. I think it must be a different experience walking a beach in winter. One must be prepared for the chill, I’m sure. I am sure the shuttered shops are waiting for spring. Enjoyed these, Freya!

  2. There is something to be said about the very special atmosphere of beaches in winter. The feeling is so different and special. Great evocation of such times!

  3. oh nice…i love the sea esp. in off seasons when it’s calmer and a bit more rough as well…flying to nice on saturday….can’t wait to get to the beach..breath salt air…hmmm…thanks for those..

    1. Oh Nice! I have some lovely memories of visiting there a long time ago with some good friends. A surprise heatwave ensured sunburned noses and good times all round. Enjoy your time there – and thank you πŸ™‚

  4. We visit the seaside town mostly in winter here in WA state, where yes, the shuttered shops drive you to solo beachcombing, huge beach fires, writing & reading poetry indoors, photography in gray light; all there in your American haiku; good job.

  5. Wonderful images – the entire poem works and each bit gave us another feel of the winter beach. I love being at the ocean off season – it feels as though it’s there just for me. Well done.

  6. freyathewriter, you spoke to me EXACTLY in these “seventeens”, and reminded me precisely why I left the north 50 years ago, and LOVE the beach in Naples. Now too old, for the cold…I can always find secluded areas here.

    Your words mean as much or more to me, as to those who enjoy the winter beach, shivering, with a muffler around their necks. LIKED THIS!

    1. Thank you so much, Steve. Yes, I’m finding that a few more layers are necessary these days…. I was born in the middle of the UK and have moved to the south coast… it is a few degrees warmer, absolutely!

  7. There is something wonderfully wild about a beach in winter – the shoreline a raw natures edge. Love your imagery.
    Anna :o]

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