Genius – Friday Fictioneers

Here is this week’s entry into the weekly challenge brought to us by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Here are the rules: Use the photo as inspiration, write a hundred(ish) words – and share! Here goes my offering for this week – and I welcome your comments again!

Copyright - Randy Mazie

Copyright – Randy Mazie

– Genius –

Gerald shook his head, then stared at his friend.

To his own satisfaction, Marty couldn’t hold his gaze. “I did what you said. Didn’t I?”

“Really? D’you really think I wanted this?”

“You said you wanted to feel horny again, if it was the last thing you did.”

Gerald sighed. Even as a genie, Marty was a sandwich short of a picnic.

“Idiot! I meant horny as in teenage hormones, you know?! For goodness sake…!”

Marty slumped onto his oversized lamp, rubbing it absentmindedly. “So you didn’t want to be goat in a graveyard then? You didn’t want this to be the last night of your life…?”

No, I didn’t. Now do something about it before I kill you instead…!”

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