Young Man! – Sunday Photo Fiction


Rumour has it that the bells of St Christopher’s refused to be tolled since the Reverend de Montfort left to visit his oldest and most far-flung parishioner, Jacob Reader on the afternoon of 25th July last year

The Reverend, an energetic and forthright man was robust, sensible and didn’t suffer fools gladly. As the warden often said, the vicar was definitely not a pushover.

A single man, the Reverend had fended himself all his life, only allowing the Church to fund an office manager so that his diary remained organised and his days well-planned.

So his disappearance was definitely out of character, and his parishioners mourned his loss with vigour.

As the anniversary of the Reverend’s disappearance approached, the men and women of the parish wondered when the Bishop would admit that the beloved clergyman was gone for good.

They were all rudely awoken by celebratory pealing of the church bells as the sun rose on Sunday, 25th July. Reverend d Montfort strode down the village high street, wonder in his eyes, a smile on his lips. On his arm was a beautiful young man, a true Adonis.

“Chris, welcome to my church, my village, my parish. Isn’t it lovely?”

“Oh yes, Robert, it is. Uncle Jake is a lucky, lucky man.”

The parishioners were stunned at the turn of events, but were pleased to have Reverend back and truly happy after all these years. Especially the warden, who said that young Chris was a delight, to anyone that would listen.



Here’s my latest entry into Alistair’s Sunday Photo Fiction. He supplies us with his own wonderful photos, so deserves our support! Happy Sunday, all….

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Please Don’t Flush – dVerse


I am the great restaurant mechanic
computing angels
and giving birth to corpses.
I under-wear overstuffed orphans
who listen to me with their fingers
and replicate my uniqueness,
each copy unlike the other
Flying through granite,
lead elevates me
to the next dimension,
marking time with butterflies
and jousting tomatoes,
who smile at me
with luminous plates,
expressive as a pea-souper fog
which, as you know
always sometimes fails
successfully to be heard.
I am the great restaurant mechanic –
wear my sausages with pride!


This week, on dVerse Meeting the Bar, Claudia has asked us to go crazy, throw caution to the winds and connect the unconnectable! Sometimes, making no sense at all makes total, perfect sense.

My offering was written without much concentrated thinking – sometimes I just like to chuck a few words on the screen/page and see what happens.

Please pop over to dVerse to read some excellent poems. Join in – we don’t bite!




“When does it start? I need the loo.”

“Oh, I think in a moment or two.”

Do you want some water, in case you go dry?”

“Sssh! I’m listening, I’ll tell you why

in a minute, if you’ll just wait there.

I think I can see – yes, he’s the compere.”

“Well, put your name down, get on the list!

To come all this way, then only to miss

your chance to read, that would be a shame.

I want them to hear you, to know your name,

to learn how great your poetry is.

So step on over, don’t get in a tizz!”

“OK, I’m going! Please get me a drink,

my throat is so parched, I can hardly think.”

“I offered you that, a while ago,

just get your name down, please don’t be slow

in grabbing this wonderful chance to take part,

or I’ll drive home without you, and it’s getting dark!”

“Alright, I’ve done it! My name is submitted.

I can’t turn back, I’ve just committed

to read aloud, the spotlight’s on me.

So please, I beg, will you get me a tea?”

“Too late, my dear, the lights have turned low.

He’s calling your name – get on with the show!”


Tonight, Claudia is hosting dVerse Meeting the Bar and has asked us to write poetry in the form of conversation. Riding on the wave of yesterday’s fantastic evening where I took part in my first ever poetry reading night, at the Chinwag event at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, I decided to be light-hearted. This rhyming conversation does somewhat mirror the circular discussion my best friend suffered with me beforehand, as I dithered a little over putting my name down, should, shouldn’t I have drink, what if, what if, what if…?! Whilst my heart was pounding like fury when I started reading, it was great fun and I received proper applause, not just that kind smattering that I was worried about!

I hope you enjoy this slightly comedic piece – please do let me know. And please, do pop in to dVerse, find the Mr Linky, read a few/all of the other poems and think about taking part yourself!