Dragon Gagger

The option of silence is not an option
Binary selection is no choice at all
On or off, yes or no, right or wrong
To speak, or to be gagged
To write, or be hand-bound
I have found my voice and I WILL FUCKING USE IT.
Because keeping quiet, repressing my voice
Has done nothing for me but cut me through and through.
I am the commander of my ship
Defiant, charting new courses
Navigating where there be dragons –
Reptilian enforcers who have kept me quiet all these years
With fear, mistrust, self-doubt eating at my soul.
See the writing-covered wall and touch the sleeves dripping with my love’s desires.
This is what I offer – life in all its filth-encrusted glory
Blood, guts, dark corners and momentary shafts of light to illuminate the shadows.
So here it is, my statement of intent –
Write from the heart
Write with the soul
But above all,

Dragon Gagger


This week, Gay, our host at dVerse Meeting the Bar wants us to write our personal manifestos – why we write, what threatens our writing and why we will continue to write against the odds.

I am the Dragon Gagger and so this is the name I have given my personal manifesto. Audio will follow later…

I hope you enjoy my offering – and please do join us! The hosts all work extremely hard to make the community a success.