Jessica can be purchased – it’s the kind of girl she is…

Hello, dear readers! As promised yesterday, here is the big reveal!

If you have been itching to purchase your own, honest to goodness copy of Jessica whether in e-book or real, live gorgeous paperback, here is how you can delve into the dark side…


In October 2014 seven writers came together to create a meta-fiction project entitled JESSICA.

What was it all about? Here’s what Helena had to say:

“There are rumours that I keep a writer trapped in my basement… but I assure you… Jessica is and always was here of her own free will. Until one day she disappeared, and I began to realize that everything I thought I knew about her was wrong. Everyone has a terrifying story about Jessica B. Bell. Some of them are even true.”

It first appeared on Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, beginning HERE.

If you read JESSICA, you may have noticed that there were pages torn from the journal. The complete JESSICA (with over 50 pages of new material – THE MISSING PAGES) can now be found on Amazon in PAPERBACK, or as a Kindle e-book.

There’s also a special, Deluxe Edition exclusive to iTunes (you will need an iPad or iMac/iBook to read – sorry, it won’t work on your iPhone).


Jessica – Finale

And now, now dear readers, we reach the dénouement… or is it? Jump over to Helena’s blog to read the Jessica Finale to find out if you guessed the ending, or if Jessica had you foiled…

You will learn some Serbian, there will be kittens and orphanages.

Expect the unexpected, as always.

Tomorrow, Jessica will be unleashed on the world in all her gory, I mean glory. There will be an extra fifty pages in the available to purchase complete book, whether your choice is honest to goodness paper (mmm, smell the pages!) or an e-book version. And everyone loves deluxe, right? Deluxe will be available. Come back tomorrow to find out what that means…

And finally, you’ve known and (hopefully) loved my plain old blog for a while now. It’s been basic and served its purpose, no? Well, it’s time for a revamp. And the launch of a book (which I have been honoured and delighted to be part of) seems to be the perfect time to make this place a little more whizz-bang. I sense that change is afoot…

See you on the dark side… Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa!