Body of Proof – dVerse Meeting the Bar

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Meeting the Bar. This week, Anna is asking us to explore the art of conceit – such fun!

I wasn’t going to even attempt this, but the cruel mistress that is my Muse told me that once I had eaten some dinner, my poetic brain would kick in. I trust her. She is in charge. 🙂

This week, I am looking forward, not back. The past cannot be changed, and yet it shapes your future. You just have to not let it dominate.


– Body of Proof –

My body is tossed to the shore,

Washed up, desiccated, roughened

Yet worn smooth –

The life I knew is distant,

A ship on the horizon

Rolling port to starboard

In the stormy seas.

I may be bladder-wracked

Time and tide has engulfed me

But I am still here

I breathe

I rest on the shingle

The morning heat blushes my skin

I open my eyes

Gaze at sun-kissed clouds

Carrying wind-winged promises

And know that all will be well.