Body of Proof – dVerse Meeting the Bar

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Meeting the Bar. This week, Anna is asking us to explore the art of conceit – such fun!

I wasn’t going to even attempt this, but the cruel mistress that is my Muse told me that once I had eaten some dinner, my poetic brain would kick in. I trust her. She is in charge. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week, I am looking forward, not back. The past cannot be changed, and yet it shapes your future. You just have to not let it dominate.


– Body of Proof –

My body is tossed to the shore,

Washed up, desiccated, roughened

Yet worn smooth โ€“

The life I knew is distant,

A ship on the horizon

Rolling port to starboard

In the stormy seas.

I may be bladder-wracked

Time and tide has engulfed me

But I am still here

I breathe

I rest on the shingle

The morning heat blushes my skin

I open my eyes

Gaze at sun-kissed clouds

Carrying wind-winged promises

And know that all will be well.

22 thoughts on “Body of Proof – dVerse Meeting the Bar

  1. shipwrecked and yet full of new possibilities that weren’t there before… i like the images you use here to make your point…worn smooth… the tough things in life tend to do this… i like

  2. nice…see you made it…smiles…the tossing of the waves can be rough but on the other side it takes off what we dont need and smooths us out…all will be okay for sure….smiles…well played…

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