Poets for Peace – a wonderful collaboration


I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to take part in a poetic collaboration which I believe deserves a huge amount of support. Over at Forgotten Meadows, something truly beautiful is happening. A collaboration of poets are coming together to promote the cause ‘Poets for Peace’.

Each poet is sharing their thoughts and feelings on the escalation of violence and hatred that appears to be everywhere in the world, apparently more than ever before. No hatred of genders, races, political persuasions, religions or beliefs is expressed, just the hatred of violence itself.

This has been launched by Michael of The Poetry Channel and is hosted on Forgotten Meadows.

Even if I hadn’t been invited to take part, I would have promoted this cause anyway once I learned about it. I began my own poetic forays into expressing my fears of (government mandated) violence as a young teenager, so this is a subject close to my heart.

Praxis Magazine Online will be publishing the collaboration, thanks to the kind assistance of Laura M. Kominski.

Please do take some time to visit Forgotten Meadows and learn more about Poets for Peace  – and please do take part if you feel moved to do so. 



Pax – Quadrille



Quiet time, me time

sketching time, writing time

listening time.

Soothe me, relax me

enthuse me, indulge me

cosset me.

Like jewels, but more so

yet fleeting, so ethereal

like butterfly wings

or dandelion kisses

scattered on summer breeze.

This is living for me.

A quadrille about what makes my heart sing.

The Man Who… dVerse Poetics – Character Study


The man who took me on
as part of the deal
The man who never once
made me feel –

in the way,
unwanted, not cared for

The man who carved lanterns
for Halloween fun
The man who made theatres
and allowed me to run –

matters off-stage,
free reign, made miniature

The man who was there, quiet
in my background
The man who loved me
as if he had found –

my small heart
and held it, so gently

A man who I love
admire and respect
A man who I hope
will only reflect –

that he fashioned a good life
for a daughter, pre-made

From the bottom of my heart
For the man who…

Today over on dVerse, our guest host Walter Wojtanik asks us to write about the character or characters who have influenced our lives – the good, the bad, and maybe the ugly. Whoever and however they may be, he invites us to write about them. Why not pop over and see what Walter has to say, and take part?

I first posted the poem above back in November 2013, and I am unashamedly recycling it, because this particular man, my step-dad, has been a rock for our entire family, never making me, his only step-child, feel anything other than his. He never treated me differently to my brother and sister, has never done anything other than be my parent, and a wonderful one at that. When I wrote this poem, I was 5 months down the line from losing my dad. it was a horrible, horrible time. Little did I know that whilst all that was going on, my step-dad was going through some really tough health problems, which were very hard for my mum as well. She and he have pulled through it – they are a strong and tough act. I admire them both greatly, love them dearly and count myself lucky to have them both in my life.

By the way, the photo above is a small part of my parents’ garden… 🙂