The Man Who…

This poem is dedicated to my step-dad, the man who from the beginning treated me then as he does now – as one of his own.  Thank you.


– The Man Who… –

The man who took me on
as part of the deal
The man who never once
made me feel –

in the way,
unwanted, not cared for

The man who carved lanterns
for Halloween fun
The man who made theatres
and allowed me to run – 

matters off-stage,
free reign, made miniature

The man who was there, quiet
in my background
The man who loved me
as if he had found – 

my small heart
and held it, so gently

A man who I love
admire and respect
A man who I hope
will only reflect – 

that he fashioned a good life
for a daughter, pre-made

From the bottom of my heart
For the man who…

12 thoughts on “The Man Who…

  1. I can relate to this sentiment…with my second mom “who found my small heart and held it gently.” You’ve expressed it so eloquently – thanks for sharing, Freya!

    1. I’m glad that the horror stories of step-parents aren’t always the norm – and pleased that you have had a similar experience. It must be so hard to take on another person’s child – and as children, we don’t always appreciate that.

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