A Bitter Pill – Magpie Tales


Selina admired her pout in the mirror, sighing and rolling her eyes as the make up artist swooped again. She pushed the girl away, shaking her head. Seriously? Her lips were perfect.

She had fought tooth and nail, told a few lies and slept with the photographer to get this gig. It would make her career.

“Where’s the goddamn pill, girl?” She stamped her foot, holding out her hand imperiously.

Angie bit back a retort – again. She’d had enough of this spoiled brat to last her a lifetime. Still…

“Here you are, Selina, I’m so sorry,” she tried to look contrite. Not long now.

Gelatin. The pill casing contained gelatin.

Such a shame that Selina had a serious allergy…


I came across Magpie Tales a little while ago and thought it looked like a fun thing to take part in. I do enjoy a good photo prompt! The rules are to use the photo as inspiration, write a poem or vignette and share on the blog! This image caught my eye this evening, so I thought I would have a go 🙂

Do let me know what you think!

magpie tales statue stamp 185

Running stitch

When I had no grey sprinkled in my hair
and when wearing glasses
was more of a fashion statement than a necessity,
I was given this, my sewing box.
It’s not an heirloom
(although it could be).
It wouldn’t fetch much in a sale
(although it should).
It means far more to me
than many other things I have accumulated over the years.
It was made with love.
I know that underneath the purple-patterned material
there is only wadding, the stiffest card
and hundreds of tiny stitches.
It’s nothing special, in the grand scheme of things.
But I imagine my mum,
curled over the dining table,
carefully cutting out
the hexagons and the rectangles,
placing right-sides together,
pins pressed between pursed lips
as she concentrates on her task.
I imagine her stepping back and smiling
as she places the lid on top,
the satisfyingly perfect fit a testament to her precision,
and her desire to make something for me that I would love.
It must be twenty years old, this box of delights
and it has stood the test of time.
I have stored my needles, threads, pins, zips, buttons and ribbons within,
but most of all, I have loved it.
Thank you, Mum.


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Running stitch


This week, in dVerse Poetics, Mary wants us dig around at home and unearth something special to write about.

A sewing box might not seem special, but like many things that we keep, it has huge sentimental value for me. I hope you enjoyed my poem, which really is quite straightforward. My mum made this sewing box for me just after I left university and I can still remember how pleased I was to receive it, miles away from hearth and home. Funny – this would suit my mum down to the ground. She has all kinds of little things secreted away – memories of me, my sister and my brother and our growing up stages. I know she has some extracts of stories I wrote when I was a little girl – filed away in The Sideboard!

Do pop over to the dVerse community and see what the rest of us magpie poets have decided to share. The pub opened at 3pm EST, so come on in!

Tough Talk

Creating a drama where once there was none,
making things worse, draining all fun
from life which, let’s face it, is challenging enough.
Is the crisis not sufficient? Is the world not quite tough
enough for your needs? It needs to be worse
to make you feel noticed, have all attention turn
to how events affect you, even if there’s no link
you want eyes, ears and hearts, people to think
that you are the heroine of the world’s darkest hour.
For you it’s more serious, the monsters all tower,
glowering above you, and nobody else,
because darling, love, sweetie you think just of yourself.
I’ve got some news for you, please listen if you can
I know you’re distracted, have no attention span,
but it won’t take too long, my time’s precious too –
This world is for all of us – Not Just For You.


Tough Talk


Hurrah! Under the new, host-friendly schedule for dVerse, today sees the inaugural last-Saturday-of-the-month dVerse Open Link Night. OLN is when us poets get to link up with our work, no matter what, shape, size, form or subject matter. As long as it’s poetry, the world is our oyster. The poets’ pub opens at 3pm EST (7PM here in the UK) – make mine a large one!

My offering today was triggered by a number of things I overheard and witnessed earlier today, out and about on a busy Saturday. I hope you enjoy the read – and please do go and take a look at all the great poems on dVerse. There are some brilliant talents out there!