Tough Talk

Creating a drama where once there was none,
making things worse, draining all fun
from life which, let’s face it, is challenging enough.
Is the crisis not sufficient? Is the world not quite tough
enough for your needs? It needs to be worse
to make you feel noticed, have all attention turn
to how events affect you, even if there’s no link
you want eyes, ears and hearts, people to think
that you are the heroine of the world’s darkest hour.
For you it’s more serious, the monsters all tower,
glowering above you, and nobody else,
because darling, love, sweetie you think just of yourself.
I’ve got some news for you, please listen if you can
I know you’re distracted, have no attention span,
but it won’t take too long, my time’s precious too –
This world is for all of us – Not Just For You.


Tough Talk


Hurrah! Under the new, host-friendly schedule for dVerse, today sees the inaugural last-Saturday-of-the-month dVerse Open Link Night. OLN is when us poets get to link up with our work, no matter what, shape, size, form or subject matter. As long as it’s poetry, the world is our oyster. The poets’ pub opens at 3pm EST (7PM here in the UK) – make mine a large one!

My offering today was triggered by a number of things I overheard and witnessed earlier today, out and about on a busy Saturday. I hope you enjoy the read – and please do go and take a look at all the great poems on dVerse. There are some brilliant talents out there!

49 thoughts on “Tough Talk

  1. that reminded me of a girl way back in school in my teenage years and she literally thought the world revolved around her.. she could make a drama out of nothing… it’s sad when people are just so focused on themselves

    1. I think we’ve all met people like that. It reminds me of an advert from an insurance company from the 80s and 90s – ‘we won’t make a drama out of a crisis’… people like this are just the opposite!

  2. ah i know a few all consumed with themselves, unwilling to share the limelight…had a boss once that used to tell us quite literally how the world revolved around him…oy….i have little patience for it..ha

  3. Oh, I have known people like this too. So self-absorbed in their own issues that they cannot ever respond to anyone else. It is tiring after a while, and when the pattern continues for too long, one wonders about the one-sidedness of the relationship and what its worth is!

  4. I have a lot of these people in one of my classes this year and I do wonder whether they will be the same once they are grown-ups or whether they will improve notably. Meanwhile they make teaching a challenge since they always need attention and will do anything to attract it.

    1. I guess the teenage years are full of this, as hormones rage… but it’s when it sticks as a permanent feature of their character that it becomes a real pain… I don’t envy your set of students this year!

  5. Yes, so easy to find people who fit in this slot… We can only hope at some point they will come to their senses and look outward….

  6. Effective straight talking as eve Freya -always look forward to what you have to say… With Best Wishes Scott www,

  7. I learned a new word the other day: “enjambment”. This poem is a wonderful example. Very well written, and no, I’m not telling what the word means…you’ll have to look it up. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Bryan. it’s one of my favourite ways to write poetry using this technique, so that a poem that rhymes doesn’t become something less than it was meant to be – it’s too easy to become distracted by the rhyme.

      As for the word’s meaning – I had forgotten the word itself, but your reminder made me smile! I am an instinctive, rather than a taught poet… πŸ™‚

  8. As Mary said these ” me me ” types are designed for one sided relationships.You usually find that they are idolised as children The parents think the sun shines out of their fundament:) One wonders how they would cope if they ever had a real problem. Fortunately I will never know:)

    1. It does make me wonder how they would cope, yes. My mum brought me up very differently – I knew she loved me, but also that there are ways to behave, and rules to abide by.

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