Projection – dVerse


i blamed it on you

all the less-important-than

all the i’m-not-good-enough-for

sometimes it’s easier than –

easier than – owning it myself.

No, being honest, not just sometimes.


I stared balefully at you whilst you were lying there

almost-but-not-quite hating you from the depths of my F-d up love

for doing it again (again)

for leaving without so much as a goodbye

– this time

the one where there’s no turning back.

It wasn’t you though.

You didn’t put those thoughts in my head,

it was my internal compass seeking magnetic north

and finding south –

as per.

So, I own my thoughts now

they’re mine.

All mine.

You’re pretty much off the hook, as you should have been from the beginning.


I’m a bit late to the party of the final day of the dVerse 5th anniversary celebrations, but hopefully better late than never!

We have the joy of an interview with Anthony Desmond, get to read one of his great poems and are encouraged to write on the subject of a belief that we have realised is no longer true, or our feelings when pressured to change our minds. Quite a subject!

Here’s my offering, I hope you find it interesting. Catharsis is the order of the day at the moment.

Please do head on over to dVerse to read the interview with Anthony, read the poetry created by the talented dVerse bunch and… why not have a go yourself?