TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Dew



Cleanse me, erase my

darkness, purge my soul, morning

dew. You, my saviour.


Skin brushed by breeze, I

lick the droplets from leaf tips

and inhale the morn.


TJ has reinvigorated his Household Haiku Challenge and given us haiku addicts a choice – be inspired by the photo he provides, or by the word prompt (‘dew’ this week), or, if you’re feeling completely crazy, use both!

I went for ‘dew’ (yes, really I did!), and as has become my pattern so far (third week running), I offer two haiku for you to read. I hope you enjoy them both!

Please do head on over to TJ’s blog, read the haiku, or go crazy yourself and take part – why not?