TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Dew



Cleanse me, erase my

darkness, purge my soul, morning

dew. You, my saviour.


Skin brushed by breeze, I

lick the droplets from leaf tips

and inhale the morn.


TJ has reinvigorated his Household Haiku Challenge and given us haiku addicts a choice – be inspired by the photo he provides, or by the word prompt (‘dew’ this week), or, if you’re feeling completely crazy, use both!

I went for ‘dew’ (yes, really I did!), and as has become my pattern so far (third week running), I offer two haiku for you to read. I hope you enjoy them both!

Please do head on over to TJ’s blog, read the haiku, or go crazy yourself and take part – why not?

9 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Dew

  1. Such a lovely pair of haiku. Great pairing with the image too! Just got back to my computer after the weekend so very happy to read these! Best wishes. TJ

  2. be aware… my tears
    of unrequited love… dew…
    contagious… drink not

    i clench my hands…
    prayers offered… begging
    my tears forming dew

    i give my love
    she looks at me… my dearest
    your crying… why

    my knees give… heart broke
    i kneel before her asking…
    why do you tell lies

    you know she asked
    how… i say i love you
    yes…but with blank eyes

    i beg you please leave
    i must cry you out or die
    she left… no look back

    cried.. drowning in tears
    i lay waiting my life done
    dreaming… late… must run

    thanks so much
    your poem inspired me
    look… read… have fun

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