Poppy – dVerse Haibun Monday

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I fell for her as soon as I saw her.It was as if she had been waiting for me, for this one particular moment, for when our worlds would collide. My heart was thumping, my breath caught in my throat. What should I do? How should I approach her? Was I good enough? Dammit, did I even deserve her, me? Was I just kidding myself, selling myself a line, convincing myself that I could live up to her demands?

Poppy, beautiful

one – the skirt of my wildest

dreams. Be mine, won’t you?


It’s Haibun Monday over on dVerse where we are invited to wax lyrical in romantic form. Yes, this is tongue in cheek, but I am a real sucker for the clothing over at Get Cutie – a Brighton-based shop and online retailer which makes clothes using the most gorgeous and eye-catching prints. Sometimes I do feel a little like I’m not quite good enough for their clothes to be honest, although I do own Poppy and a lovely wrap dress!

If you’re looking for true romance, well, hopefully the other poetic contributions can slake you thirst – writing romance really isn’t my forte!

Constant – Magpie Tales

Starry Night by alex ruiz

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

 The man gazes up at the thin silver crescent suspended in the night sky. It is immovable, as if anchored by invisible threads that have been woven by the hands of the gods themselves.

He can see her, his love. She is waiting for him.

He is the Moonkeeper, yet without her, he would be lost. She has no idea that her home is also a moon that waxes and wanes at the whim of the universe.

It is better that she does not know. It is better that she remains unaware of her power and responsibility. Only he knows that her moon remains whole, remains illuminated as a constant. It is only the shadow that he casts from his moon that turns her light to shade, her shade to light.

He blows her a kiss, imagines it landing on her lips.

It will reach her. It always does.


Here’s my latest entry to Magpie Tales. It follows on from the theme of the piece I wrote for Five Sentence Fiction the other week – I love a moon! What a beautiful, magical inspiration of an image, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoy this week’s entry- and please do visit Magpie Tales for amazing poetry and prose!


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Say Cheese! – VisDare 62

Alec spotted them frozen in time, the swingboat held in place as if by an invisible hand. Clearly, they hadn’t expected to be seen, what with the photo booth being so far away at the other end of the fairground. What were the chances of him pressing the shutter release just at that moment?

He screwed up the photo and threw it on the floor, wishing he could unsee the whole, sordid affair. What to do? Jonny had stolen a kiss from his girl, and probably more besides. He hated to admit it, but Gloria was a very popular girl.

Alec sat on his haunches, hiding in the shadows as the sun rose over the motionless rides. It would only take one turn of a bolt – just enough to make it fall loose when Jonny did his early morning test ride – to solve this particular problem.

Gloria, he would deal with separately.


Photo Source

I’m back for another entry into Angela’s VisDare prompt, where the challenge is to respond, in 150 words or less, to the photo she puts up on her blog each week.What a cheeky and daredevil moment – health and safety would have a thing or two to say about that, I’m sure!

I hope you enjoy it, please do take part.