Poppy – dVerse Haibun Monday

item-Bow Skirt-23-66-2-1435829305

I fell for her as soon as I saw her.It was as if she had been waiting for me, for this one particular moment, for when our worlds would collide. My heart was thumping, my breath caught in my throat. What should I do? How should I approach her? Was I good enough? Dammit, did I even deserve her, me? Was I just kidding myself, selling myself a line, convincing myself that I could live up to her demands?

Poppy, beautiful

one – the skirtΒ of my wildest

dreams. Be mine, won’t you?


It’s Haibun Monday over on dVerse where we are invited to wax lyrical in romantic form. Yes, this is tongue in cheek, but I am a real sucker for the clothing over at Get Cutie – a Brighton-based shop and online retailer which makes clothes using the most gorgeous and eye-catching prints. Sometimes I do feel a little like I’m not quite good enough for their clothes to be honest, although I do own Poppy and a lovely wrap dress!

If you’re looking for true romance, well, hopefully the other poetic contributions can slake you thirst – writing romance really isn’t my forte!

37 thoughts on “Poppy – dVerse Haibun Monday

  1. Very funny piece, Freya! I read it before the picture uploaded and thought this was a rainbow romance, which made me ecstatic. πŸ™‚

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