Eglentyn – dVerse Quadrille


                                                                                                                                                     Image source

I rise, an unwanted memory

fouling your self-serving thoughts


I interrupt your daily flow

pricking your smug conscience


I stop you in your tracks

like the briar rose snarling

the poorly used path


My thorny words remind you –

the mistake was yours to make


It’s Quadrille time over on dVerse – a poem of 44 words, no more no less. Such a fun idea! Bjorn, our charming host, as invited us to write thinking about ‘rose’, whether it’s a noun, verb or both. I went for both (at least I used the present tense of ‘rose’, which I think counts 😉

Why not head on over to dVerse and immerse yourself in what the poets have offered up this week? You can always take part yourself too!

All That Glisters – Prompt Nights: A Dash of Sunny



rose by

any other name!”

She looks sweetly at

him, the centre of her

world, or so he thinks, oblivious

to her machinations. Machiavelli would have paled

in her shadow. She allows him a kiss,

pressing his finger to the rose’s thorn. The pain

sears his finger, but doesn’t reach his heart. Not yet.

I feel like I’m flitting from one prompt to another at the moment, a little like a butterfly. Maybe I’ll settle for a particular selection, maybe I won’t. It’s not a bad thing to investigate what’s out there, is it?

Anyway, this is another prompt I settled up, courtesy of Michael. His poem ‘The Black Rose’ is full of beautiful memories, but he has the black rose to link him to his past, so it’s not a mournful poem by any stretch of the imagination.

I took a different turn to the prompt, which you can find at A Dash of Sunny, and is focused on roses this month. It’s not that I’m not romantic, but it’s not my natural writing bent, if you will. So… love can be what we want to see it as, rather than what it is. Such is human nature. I hope my male lover learns the truth before the pain of discovery becomes unbearable! And in case you were wondering, the poetry form is an Etheree.

Why not pop on over to A Dash of Sunny, take part in the prompt, or just read the other entries?