Eglentyn – dVerse Quadrille


                                                                                                                                                     Image source

I rise, an unwanted memory

fouling your self-serving thoughts


I interrupt your daily flow

pricking your smug conscience


I stop you in your tracks

like the briar rose snarling

the poorly used path


My thorny words remind you –

the mistake was yours to make


It’s Quadrille time over on dVerse – a poem of 44 words, no more no less. Such a fun idea! Bjorn, our charming host, as invited us to write thinking about ‘rose’, whether it’s a noun, verb or both. I went for both (at least I used the present tense of ‘rose’, which I think counts 😉

Why not head on over to dVerse and immerse yourself in what the poets have offered up this week? You can always take part yourself too!

58 thoughts on “Eglentyn – dVerse Quadrille

    1. Thank you! Lol, I have many issues, but just not these ones at the moment. Although the whole Brexit situation is bothering me a great deal, but I’m keeping my powder dry on that one… or maybe this is an unexpected venting to do with that…

      1. Could be. I don’t understand the whole Brexit thing and being American, I am letting you all do the commenting and such yourselves without adding my ignorant voice. I wish others outside the US would do the same thing about our politics. It seems it has knocked you into a bit of a cocked hat and I am sorry for that. I do hope things get better.

      2. It’s confusing enough for us directly involved, to be honest. I don’t blame you for not getting involved! I am at a similar remove regarding US politics – although it’s of worldwide impact who ends up in the White House… and it seems that Brexit is having a global effect as well.

      3. Yes, that’s a good plan. I have a few friends who I know can have strong discussions on these subjects without falling out, but I’ve learned that isn’t the case with most people!

  1. Powerful piece! I especially love the last two lines, “My thorny words remind you – the mistake was yours to make.” So neatly done~ 🙂

  2. Regrets, mistakes, and squandered opportunities haunt us- until the day we see that that’s precisely what got us to be at this place of strength we find ourselves in – or at least makes some good writing 😉

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