Juggernaut – Trifextra Week 77

 This weekend, the Trifecta team have supplied us with these three words –

– ring

– water

– stage

We need to add another thirty and send back a total of thirty three for their delight and delectation. I assume that they would like something cohesive from us, rather than just a random collection of words – oh the temptation to string together offerings such as dodecahedron and antidisestablishmentarianism, with no punctuation or linkage…

Resist, resist, resist…

I hope you enjoy my offering – please visit here to read many more!


– Juggernaut –

The shrill ring shatters your sleep.

Your mouth shrieks for water.

Fearful, knowing.


That stage in your life has come.

Too soon; too late to say all that needed to be said.


Third Time’s the Charm – Trifextra Week 73

In some respects, I’m a creature of habit, so I have a feeling that this is the second entry of many into Trifextra, one of the Trifecta writing challenges.

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is to write exactly 33 words on the idiom ‘third time’s the charm’.  Here in the UK, we use the alternative ‘third time lucky’, but I’ll stick with the original. I hope you enjoy it, and all the other submissions!


He felt a thrill of schadenfreude as he stared at the printout in his hand. Years of work to confirm what he knew:


Science 1, Superstition 0.

Copyright Freya Writes

Copyright Freya Writes