Wellspring -Poetic Bloomings


If I swallowed

a dictionary

from each of

the countries

the languages

of this world

(and beyond)

could I

would I

ever express

the joy of this life

craft with words

pleasures so simple

as tea sipped from a china cup

as coffee cake, moist and rich

as sun warming my skin

as my soul unfurling in the lazy afternoon?

would all the dictionaries

in all the worlds



Today, over at Poetic Bloomings, we are asked to find our inspiration from the poem ‘Peaceful Summer Day’ by Gary R Ferris, which you can read in today’s blog post.

I took my inspiration from the line ‘There are no brilliant words that I could ever say’. I hope you enjoy it! Please do head on over to Poetic Bloomings to immerse yourself in the poems you find there – and why not take part yourself?

Seconds out – SoCS July 23/16


It only takes a second to say the wrong word, and once said, it can’t be unsaid. It’s out there, ringing in the ears of the listener, ricocheting from one side of your own skull to the other, along with ‘Damn, I could have said that better/differently/ more eloquently’.

I wrestle with this problem a great deal. I am much, much better at writing things down. taking the time to type or handwrite gives me thinking room. I can delete or strike through the ‘wrong’ words and start over again if necessary.

I am working on this challenge, trying to overcome it. The problem is, if something is important to me, I attach emotions to it, and then I become tongue-tied. So, it becomes a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Complicated, huh?

Even if I do manage to best this beast, I think I’ll always prefer writing. Which is a good thing, because writing is my passion 🙂


It’s time for the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, where this week, the theme is ‘second’, to use in any way we want.

Please do hop on over to Linda’s place, find out how others have interpreted this week’s prompt, and why not take part?

Reticent – dVerse Quadrille


All those times when (I) kept thoughts

to myself, not wishing to stir up…

to stir up…

because (you) kept your heart buried

deep within the folds of your tweed jacket

whilst wearing it

loud, pulsating, on your sleeve

Why did (we) not spill?


I must pay closer attention to d’Schedule! I do enjoy a Quadrille (and this is only the seond one I have written), and last night was Quadrille night over at dVerse. Still, it’s not too late to enter because Mr Linky is still in evidence 🙂

Here’s my entry. This week, we are invited to use the word ‘spill’, and I have written about the lengths we often go to, to protect other’s feelings, or to avoid dealing with things that are uncomfortable, or painful. When it’s too late, believe me, you regret not opening your mouth and letting the words out.

Please do head on over to the wonderful dVerse poets’ pub, rest awhile and read – or write!