Reclamation – Trifecta Week 89

Below is my offering for week 89′s Trifecta challenge word, which is ‘weak’. As you will see from the relevant blog post, the challenge is to write between 33 and 333 words of fiction, non-fiction, poetry or prose, based on the 3rd definition from the Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary. This week the 3rd definition of ‘weak’ is:

– not factually grounded or logically presented <a weak argument>

Here’s my offering below – I hope you like it! Please check here for the other entries!


– Reclamation –

Because your turn of phrase is weak
Because with only lies you speak
Because I sorrow at your smile
Because my memories are vile
Because my trust in you has gone
Because you always thought you shone
at persuasion – you were wrong.

I have learned my lesson well
I read the clues, I marked the tell
I picture you and shudder hard
I stupidly let down my guard
I was too eager, so naive
I was so ready to believe
in you – my king of thieves.

Because I swallowed all you said
I watched your TV talking head
Because I helped you win your seat
I can now undo that feat
Because the power is mine, not yours
I will find a better cause.
Democracy – for you it’s flawed.



21 thoughts on “Reclamation – Trifecta Week 89

  1. Freya what an interesting take on the word, I like the sense of anger and frustration the persona reveals.

  2. Thank you! I must confess, this originally started out as something else entirely, and then I recalled my own frustration at a number of political figures – and then amplified it! So, it’s quasi-fiction, if you will.

  3. I like the structure. Repeated use of “because”, “I”, and then a mixture of the two in the stanzas makes an interesting impact.

  4. I like the deep hurt and resentment this person feels…for the vote cast on a disappointing politician! I’ve felt the betrayal and regret from some of my past votes, as well 🙂 Oh, and I like how it appeared as if an ex-lover was the subject of the piece until near the end.

    1. I think most of us who think about these things (and actually vote!) may well have been there, done that and designed the T-shirt at some point in our lives. As for the little twist – I do like to surprise readers where I can!

  5. This really speaks to that sense of betrayal that so many of us feel when we’ve invested our hope and trust in political leaders who don’t live up to their promises. Beautifully crafted piece, Freya. I really like how you carry us in one direction, then spin us in another.

    1. Thank you! I do like to add a twist – at first I thought that was confined to my prose writing, but now it seems to have transferred into my poetry as well. I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

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