The Roads We Travel

Copyright - Freya

Copyright – Freya

The writer’s brain is full of twists and turns, cul de sacs and U-turns. There might be hills and valleys, cliff (hangers), detours, forks in the road and missing signposts. Frustration, emptiness, despair and angst are part and parcel of the journey we take.

Would we trade in the tears and tantrums for a less challenging way of life?


Well, I wouldn’t, anyway.

Because the high, when it all comes together, is indescribable.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “The Roads We Travel

  1. A very apt description of the way a writing mind works, via long and tortuous meanderings rather than short cuts. Great road imagery or should I say conceit or extended meataphor!

  2. A great metaphor to describe the writing process Freya. I think we would all agree with you. And yes the high of completing a piece and feeling that inner excitement knowing you have written a piece you are proud of is what it’s all about. That others agree with you is the icing on top. I have to admit my most recent post (photo fiction) is a bit of a dud in my eyes but I think you have those days. You always remain positive that tomorrow you might just nail it.
    Thanks for this post you have got me thinking.

    1. Thank you! It’s an addiction, isn’t it? And yes, sometimes, we have to push on through, even when we have an idea that what we’ve written on one day isn’t quite what we had hoped for… as you say, there’s always the expectation that tomorrow will be The One that you’ve always wanted to write…

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