Head in the Clouds – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Here is my offering for Alastair’s Photo Fiction this week, inspired by the photo below.  Why not take part? And why not visit his photography and writing blog to take a look at his other photos…?

Copyright - Kattermonran

Copyright – Kattermonran

– Head in the Clouds –

Sitting here in my eyrie, buffeted by wind and rain as it barrels in from the sea, I imagine myself in a tiny boat, storm-tossed and battered, far out in the oceans on the other side of the world.

I am alone, but not lonely.

At nights, I lie on the deck, bathed by moonlight, washed by showers of shooting stars. I lace my fingers behind my head, feeling the varnished boards still radiating the day’s heat.

As dawn breaks, clouds scud across the face of the sun. I remember with fondness the people of my past; family, friends and strangers who I have met on my journeys. I see them, living their lives in the sky above.

I pick up my pen, and begin to write.

12 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

    1. Thank you. I think everyone we meet has an impact to an extent – the important thing for each of us is how we allow this impact to manifest in ourselves. Easy(ish) to understand, harder to put into practice! 🙂

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