Clocked – dVerse Open Link Week 120

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This is about wanting time to move quickly, and not making the most of now.


– Clocked –

One month before, or
Two weeks until, and
I’ll feel better when this, or
That has happened.

I cross off the days, or
Count down the minutes, and
Wish for the seconds, or
Hours to sweep by.

This unpleasant event, or
That hard conversation, and
I can’t wait for them to pass, or
Do I know what I want?

Because now I am older, or
Wiser than before, and
Know that time is fleeting, or
Finally realise –

That I cannot control time.

36 thoughts on “Clocked – dVerse Open Link Week 120

  1. Oh this hit home.. time is the one thing we cannot control.. actually thought of Mary’s poem reading this… you seem to be on similar thoughts today. Maybe autumn is the time of year we think most of the change… and the time rolling…

  2. Ah, really I think it is best to enjoy each moment…probably even the difficult ones…as they are the ONLY time we have, and we will never have that moment again. And, as you said, we really can’t control time anyway. It will pass as fast or as slow as it will.

  3. we def can wish our lives away…always looking forward to ther next big thing, missing the moments as they are happening or dismissing them as unimportant, oh but what we miss…..

  4. I don’t wish for time to pass by so quickly ~ So many things to do yet ~ And I agree, it is us changing through time, becoming more aware how valuable it is ~

  5. Oh! Time is furious… it passes away even if we are stagnant. As the old saying goes- Time and tide waits for none. Earlier, we couldn’t touch on the fact but now when we do, it can be agonizing at times.
    Thoughtful writing… 🙂

  6. If only we could control time..but, we cannot so I think it is best to try and enjoy
    time and not wish it away..I know easier said than done..interesting poem..

  7. Oh, dear, I find myself thinking like that often… Especially when I am doing my professional work and wishing for poetry instead. Precious and useful reminder.

  8. that reminds me of the movie where this guy had the remote control and could fast forward or slow down time .. sounds cool on first sight but he ended up missing life in the game… ha..i’m glad we cannot control time though i confess…there are some days i would love to…

  9. Our world moves so quickly today that even children bemoan the fast passage of time. However, a traumatic event on the horizon that you’re anxious to get behind you can, indeed, slow time.

  10. We do know how useless it is to wish the time away or to want to go back in time and yet this is exactly what we do, in vain. Your poem is a good reminder that it is a useless pursuit!

  11. OK – no-one else has commented on it, so I will … smiles. Your patttern of line endings – or, and,or carried through each stanza is really interesting and surprisingly effective. I say surprisingly because full rhyme like this doesn’t usually make for a satisfying poem.

    1. I did wonder if anyone would pick up on the rhyming scheme! I’m glad that you felt it worked – I’ve never tried using the same words for a rhyming pattern of this sort before.

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