In my room –
when velvet black undulates in the depths of night
I am secure, cosseted, nurtured.
Encased in my duvet cloud
toes peeking out, stretching towards the radiator as it clinks and clangs, expanding and contracting
I listen for the background ‘hisssshhhh’ as water rushes through the pipes, molecules racing along in their H2O hamster wheel.
The French door is open behind the blackout blind –

Aeons earlier I had pressed the smooth metal handle, turned the angular key (I can still feel the impression its cold corners left on my fingers), sensed the bolts shudder and slide in casings worn smooth.
Night air clamoured, grappling to fill the void as indoor warmth sighed to the heavens in almost mute supplication
The damp breath of Nature caressed me, gooseflesh prickled and tiny hairs stood to attention –

Creeping-creature sounds surround me now as I recline, supine, feline.
I taste the earth in the air as the world relaxes into its darkest hours –
the delicate tip-toe of the urban fox, an owl screech to wake the slumber-bound
and the frantic flutter of a moth, searching for a shaft of light around which to dance her dance of the mad.

In my room, in the depths of night, all of this can be found.



This week on dVerse Meeting the Bar, our bar-keep Brian urges us to create using all of our senses, except sight. Challenging, or not?ย  Well, I really enjoyed this inspiration, since I love the fact that my new bedroom isn’t infiltrated by the sound of traffic or street lighting. It feels like a womb (I imagine!). And at night, it is utterly black. Glorious for sleeping!

I hope you enjoy my offering – and do take the chance to dip your toe in the world of darkness, or pick up your own figurative pen, why not!

46 thoughts on “Tendrils

  1. nice… love the H2O hamster wheel… the use of sound…hisssshhhh… i once had a bedroom close to a busy street and had to get used to the sounds first – after a while they felt so familiar that i missed them when everything was silent

  2. There is, I think, something comforting about the radiator / heating system sounds in the night. However, I am one who does not like to sleep in absolute black. From my bed I look outside and can see the stars or the lights down below if I wish. It is black enough for sleeping, but not total black. I like ‘encased in my duvet cloud.’ Though here we don’t have many duvets, I understand the comfort of them. I enjoyed your sleepy write. Smiles.

  3. Your mention of ‘duvet’ reminded me of the first one I had as a child. Its puffy comfort reassured me. I discovered later that those in Germany and Austria were even more comfortable. I am glad you enjoy your new bedroom!

  4. I love the velvet darkness surrounding you in warmth ~ The sounds & imagery relaxes me ~ Admiring the use of the animals too specially the moth ~

  5. I like the picture of your toes peeking out from the duvet – that moment of warmth where under the covers we dream, but connected out to the real world… by a tenuous foothold..


  6. ha. its cool…love the animal sounds ther ein that last bit….it brings the night alive…a bit…my favs is still remembering the impression of the handle on your fingers…the breathe of nature as well..i realy like how you build a scene with sounds and touch…

  7. I like the sounds of your room, and the smells without – and I could visualize it all from the descriptions that wind like a vine in this poem. Very stimulating and well described.

  8. The more we think we insulate ourselves from that which is outside our room, the more we become aware of every twitch, groan, & shudder somewhere in our domicile, a freezer moving ice cubes, a radiator shaking with stream, a wall flexing, a breeze sliding under a shutter, insects arriving from the pipes, a child whimpering or snoring; yes, and facets dripping, trains passing, sweet lonely squeezes on its air horns; very nice poem, great rhythms, and meandering senses.

    1. I agree – once we are totally quiet and stop the outpouring of thoughts, our surroundings creep in and we are now part of the whole (as if we can ever be anything but that)>

  9. How alert we are to the sounds of night and how our imagination (can) run wild. I love total darkness too as my quilt caresses me to sleep…
    Anna :o]

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