Here, take a look at this book.

The truth lies within, we promise you

No, we can’t share who we are with you

We’ll take far more than we give to you

You’ll realise this once we’ve utilised you

We have two faces, we promise you

Here, take a look at this book.




This week on dVerse Poetics, our bar-keep Anthony has asked us to respond poetically to the stunning photography of Phyllis Galembo. As Anthony tells us ‘she documents mythic figures of the spirit world within the culture of masquerade in Africa’. Out of the generous selection that she has allowed Anthony to share, I chose the image above. Since we have been given free reign to respond in any way we feel, my response should not be taken as any kind of comment on the religious beliefs of the people Phyllis has chosen to photograph – it’s just how my gut responded, mainly to the masks! I think I might have trust issues….

I hope you enjoy my offering, brief as it is, and do take the time to pop over to dVerse to see what other creative juices have created! No two will be alike, I can promise you!

43 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. ah, I dig your take, most def.

    “We’ll take far more than we give to you” that’s how I usually feel about those who carry that book… and the two faces.. mhm, all too true.

    your poem would def be my personal caption for this picture. Well done

  2. Whew….there are people (unfortunately) out there who do have a two-faced approach to their beliefs. I guess we need to be on guard against this type.

  3. Great title, Freya! The tone of your poem made me smile initially but sadly there are people like this and the gullible ones find out they have been had when it is too late.

  4. ha. yes, there are plenty of people out there that will def take more than they will ever give….but they would sure like for you to look at their book (or their poetry) hahahaha
    yes, i know a few. smiles…not you, of course freya…
    and yeah i know some religeous ones as well…
    nice write.

  5. A perfect take/interpretation of the image,Freya; good solid poetic statements too. The con, the con, the cheating spouse, the media, the church, temple or synagogue, the insurance scams, the identity thieves; need I go on; nuff said & experienced.

    1. Thank you! And yes, indeed we do. When we are being authentic and vulnerable, I think that’s when the reall gift of life comes to us. Unfortunately, I don’t think much of modern society is geared up for ‘reality’….

    1. Thank you, Grace. It is sad, isn’t it. I think it’s part of the human condition to search for ‘the truth’, and that’s how we sometimes allow ourselves to be sucked into false promises and false hope.

  6. The religious implications always get to me…how to resolve that gap..we are all human beings…respecting boundaries is one thing….overstepping them totally another.

  7. Mmm, yes, I’ve met some people like that… not surprising we learn not to trust easily.
    Interesting choice of picture, too, not many seem to have opted for this one.

    1. Well, something in its quiet certainty (as I saw it), plucked at my creative strings – so I had to respond! I think the key is to not judge the next person we meet by the behaviour of the last – sometimes very, very difficult!

  8. I rue the day they (the evangelists, the crazy devout, the slick grifters selling salvation at a high cost instilling fear, brimstone, and guilt. The hypocritical aspect of religion is well illustrated in your work here. Live your faith, I say; don’t preach it.

  9. Oooh, very interesting take on this photo.
    ‘We have two faces, we promise you’ this line made me think of the contrast between the masks and the open books. Hidden faces and the book cover left unknown to judge (or not judge). I really liked your poem.

    1. Thank you, Brian. Funnily, that line was partially inspired by seeing my reflection in the window of the tube train I was sitting on, barreling along under the bowels of London… strange and wonderful where our word patterns come from!

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