Time Flies – Five Sentence Fiction


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I can hear my Mum’s voice, clear and bell-like as if she is standing right next to me.

“A watched kettle never boils, Ellie!”

I shrug off the words, shoulders tight and tense, staring intently at the clock on the wall opposite – the second hand barely seems to be moving.

Time is elastic.

My patience, however, is not.


Here is my latest entry into the lovely Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction, where she has provided this gorgeous photo for us as this week’s inspiration. Please do visit here to read, read, read some more! No two pieces will be the same…

2 thoughts on “Time Flies – Five Sentence Fiction

  1. This is a very evocative image, as painted by your choice of words. I really love the power in these lines:

    Time is elastic.
    My patience, however, is not.

    Great response!

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