Vanishing Point – VisDare


Sarah and Danny are watching the couples walking down the steps. Some are smiling, some are laughing, some look worried.

Sarah thinks, ‘They look complete.’

Danny thinks, ‘The men look left out.’

Sarah reaches out for Danny’s hand, but it is stuck firmly in his jeans pocket.

“That will be us soon, Danny. We’ll have our own baby son or daughter. We’ll be a proper family. I can’t wait! Can you?”

“Mmmm,” he replies.

Sarah smiles, remembering her own perfect childhood. She thinks of the bonnets, bootees and adorable little cardigans hidden at the bottom of her wardrobe.

One day.



Here’s my latest entry to the lovely Angela’s VisDare.

I hope you enjoy this week’s tale – I’ve tied it in with my Five Sentence Fiction and Magpie Tales entries this week – find out some more about Sarah….

Please do visit VisDare for more intriguing responses to this quirky image!


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