Happy ending? – dVerse Open Link Night #172


This may not end.


it might not end well.

Well, it could start,

may begin,

is likely to achieve a middle of sorts.

Fair to middling.

All’s fair in love, and war,

the victor’s writing the history,

even now, as I write, or speak.

Revisionist, recidivist,

making the same mistakes over and over

and over


Over and out.

I’m signing off here

because, you know,

it may not end at all well.

Last night was Open Link Night over on dVerse! Why not pop on over to revel in all the glorious poetry, and even take part yourself?

I hope you enjoy my (late) offering above.

19 thoughts on “Happy ending? – dVerse Open Link Night #172

    1. Hey there! Ohhhh… it’s been a long, long, long, while. I only started re-paying attention to my Facebook page yesterday and feeling horrendously guilty for being in absentia.

  1. I loved this Freya the playful nature of your words the thought of things maybe not ending well and at the same time feeling you were very much in charge of leading us on a merry chase.

  2. I really liked this…even though things may not end well. It made me think of the political arena (even though it makes me shudder) and just who may end up revising, redevising our country. I’m hoping all ends well…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts through your wonderful poetry.
    Gayle ~

    1. Hi Gayle – ugh, the political arena over here isn’t that great either… That dreaded word, Brexit springs to mind. It’s a quagmire.i really hope it all ends well…

  3. The image gave me chills…LOL, I am phobic of escalators and fear being caught in the metal teeth of them. But I liked this poem in the middle. The repetition and leading us along was most excellent!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, and I’m sorry that the photo reminded you of your phobia! I’m not a fan of escalators either, to be honest… Thank you for working your way past your fear!

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