Fun guy – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


mushroom box hiding

in the dark airing cupboard

white orbs float in space


caps like velvet hats

silky texture makes me smile

squeak as I bite you


This week, the gorgeous TJ has invited us to waxy lyrical, Haiku style, on mushrooms. I really, really, really like mushrooms. I like them so much, I eat them raw – which many of my friends and acquaintances think is a little odd! Is it really?

Anyway, here’s my weekly offering. There always seemed to be a mushroom box on the go in our airing cupboard when I was growing up and I loved peeking into the gloom to spot the first white globes peeking through the inky black compost.

I hope you take the time to hop on over to TJ’s blog and read all the tasty poetry – and take part if you feel the urge!

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