Illusion – A Dash of Sunny


what if the life we lived

the stuff we fret on

the hopes and joys in which we revel,

the envies and jealousies to which we are subject

like little ships tossed on a violent sea,

 what if they were but a dream

 – a fantasy

 – an illusion

a facsimile of a real life?

what if we, ourselves, were but a fiction?

would we change?

would we hang up our hats at the door to our lives

and just give up?

or would we carry on, regardless,

because that’s what life is –

experiencing, tasting, touching, wanting, needing, hurting –

for without all of that, we are nothing?


This week on A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write on dreams. Again, I’ve taken a sideways step – rather than sharing my dreams, I’m playing the ‘what if?’ game. What if our lives are but a dream, and not really ‘real’?

Do hop on over to A Dash of Sunny, and find out what others have done! Or… take part!

8 thoughts on “Illusion – A Dash of Sunny

  1. Freya, I absolutely love this take on the prompt 😀 as you have managed to take it to a whole new level! ❤️❤️ What if… sigh.. one can only ponder upon the mysteries of the universe as we struggle to get through this life while ‘experiencing, tasting, touching, wanting, needing and hurting’ Your poem reaches out to the heart and makes it beat… wildly ❤️❤️ Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.

    Lots of love,

  2. The age old questions,,,as we move through life and ponder why,, So well done, I enjoyed your words very much,,

  3. Love your ‘what if’ take on the theme, and you ask fascinating questions, “what if we, ourselves, were but a fiction? would we change?” Impressive!

  4. If we wish hard enough our dreams will take us where we want to go…but we will only get there if we truly love. Beautifully written Freya.

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