Fidelity – dVerse


Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld

He holds his guitar as a lover,
Stroking the maple, the cherrywood,
And most of all, the singing strings.

His sleep is filled with chords,
His duvet undulates beneath his fingers,
His mattress sighs at his sweet nothings whisper

Yes, all of his guitars are his one true love.


Courtesy of dVerse, where we continue to celebrate 5 whole years of poetic gloriousness, I have learned today about the form that is the sevenling. I have tried my hand at it – using music as the inspiration as requested – I hope it’s sufficient enough to be considered one!

We also have a fabulous interview with Claudia, who is not only a poet, but an artist as well. I have just found out that she is an urban sketcher too – I try my hand at it, mostly whilst waiting for trains, or on trains, as part of my way of relaxing on the daily commute. The picture above is one of her vibrant works! Thank you, Claudia, for allowing us to use one of your paintings today.

31 thoughts on “Fidelity – dVerse

    1. Thank you, Bjorn! This was hard won, writing on a train with no air-conditioning in 30-plus heat, so I’m glad it worked!
      I may use some of my sketches at some point…

  1. i once saw a spanish guy playing his guitar and it was like making love – there was such passion and tenderness in every stroke that it made me hold my breath… i actually wondered how he would touch a woman – probably with the same intensity…

  2. Smiles. In this I feel a bit of the obsession that comes with one so dedicated to their art. ..and the intimacy that comes through relationship with your instrument. ..very nice

  3. Love this. The man who loves his guitars so passionately and plays them the same way. I’ve seen musicians who look like they are making love to the instrument they are playing. Somehow, I don’t think they would ever touch a human with such passion. Great poem!

  4. Hi life is filled with all the chords and strings of his love. He is indeed lucky to have found his one true love. Thanks for joining us Freya!!

  5. This big-time reminds me of my brother, back in the day — before his wife and daughter. I guess he had to forsake his first love to those now more important.

  6. That’s the way with many musicians. They are truly immersed and bonded with their instruments and the music that’s always playing through their heads. Wonderful, Freya!

  7. How I love you title Freya, the sound of the word almost referring to the object of love (though it’s a guitar & not a fiddle) and the word itself sings how to love….the rest of the poem is a reflection of the passion and faithfulness…a beautiful sevenling…

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