Fidelity – dVerse


Artist: Claudia Schoenfeld

He holds his guitar as a lover,
Stroking the maple, the cherrywood,
And most of all, the singing strings.

His sleep is filled with chords,
His duvet undulates beneath his fingers,
His mattress sighs at his sweet nothings whisper

Yes, all of his guitars are his one true love.


Courtesy of dVerse, where we continue to celebrate 5 whole years of poetic gloriousness, I have learned today about the form that is the sevenling. I have tried my hand at it – using music as the inspiration as requested – I hope it’s sufficient enough to be considered one!

We also have a fabulous interview with Claudia, who is not only a poet, but an artist as well. I have just found out that she is an urban sketcher too – I try my hand at it, mostly whilst waiting for trains, or on trains, as part of my way of relaxing on the daily commute. The picture above is one of her vibrant works! Thank you, Claudia, for allowing us to use one of your paintings today.

Jazz Man and Views (Reverb) – dVerse MTB

brother believe in your silver-spangled skill-set

stand on the shore, survey the scene

let your guitar sing, reverberate those rhythms

play it again boy, play it with ease


brother believe in your power and your glory

step all aboard, anchors set free

dive into those oceans, manipulate that music

play it all night boy, play with the breeze


brother believe, bring back your tall tales

return to the harbour, head held high

hold fast to the memories, they’ll last you a lifetime

play with your youth boy, play and believe.


I’ll be honest, this is an old poem I posted back in 2013. I’ll be more honest – I’m a little empty on the inspiration front  with regards to thinking about a subject matter AND meter tonight. Sometimes it happens, right?

Anyway, I wanted to take part in the dVerse fun (and on the right day!), so here it is. My brother has just come back from another stint working as a guitarist on a cruise ship, so this is a little welcome home for him.

I also read this out at a poetry slam a couple of years ago – nerve-wracking though it was, I had such fun, and the audience were fabulous.

For those of you who have stumbled across my blog, if you want to read and even take part in dVerse Meeting the Bar, do head on over to the website. We’re a friendly, welcoming crowd and there’s always something good going on.

Thank you to Victoria for hosting tonight!

Petulant Hair – dVerse Poetics


She is brushing her strawberry blonde hair

She fusses with it all the time

It drives me mad, I truly declare

It’s a good job she is a true love of mine


The mirror’s no stranger to her face

She’s gazing in it all the time

I sometimes wish her I could replace

But she has her hooks in me, this true love of mine


The bathroom door is locked again

She’s used all the water yet one more time

I’m angry and bored of this refrain

Damn her she is the true love of mine


She’s left all the bath towels strewn on the floor

My wardrobe is full of her clothes, not mine

For one pair of my shoes, she owns four more

She’s addicted to fashion, this true love of mine


I sheared off her hair in the midst of the night

A revenge I dreamed on all the time

Sorry to say, she looks such a fright

But she’ll always be the true love of mine.


Tonight, Mish is our friendly barkeep at the dVerse pub and has asked us to write something like a song, or a singable.

Recently I found myself listening to some Simon & Garfunkel – I had forgotten how much I loved their version of Scarborough Fair – and also how it reminded me of my mum singing lots of different folk songs around the house when I was growing up. This is a tongue in cheek version (in case you hadn’t worked it out!) about a frustrated paramour’s thoughts on his (or her) very vain true love!

Here’s a link to the Simon & Garfunkel version – enjoy!

Do head on over to dVerse to see how others have faired with his fun prompt – or take part yourself, why not?!