Consume – dVerse Poetics



brilliant, headache-inducing light,

piercing my retinas

until they disintegrate, are no more

than piles of ash on the floor at my flailing feet.

Words and pictures,

boxes, packets, cartons, bottles,

clothed in all the colours of the rainbow

– if a rainbow were acid yellow, puce and lime green.

I can hear the groaning

as shelves bow under the weight of all the produce

that we simply must buy

otherwise our lives are meaningless, somehow.

I hover in the doorway as the glass partitions slide

back and forth

moved by invisible hands.

The devil’s work.


Get me out of this hell (that others call a supermarket)

I want to go home.


I’m a little late to the party, after a heavy day yesterday, when all I wanted to do was put my feet up and drink coffee. Yesterday was Poetics night over at dVerse, where our genial host, Walt, invited us to write on ‘too much’ drought, deluge, literal or metaphorical.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate supermarkets these days. All that ‘stuff’ piled high, all those ‘special offers’ all that price-matching and BOGOF’ offers. Ugh, it drives me to distraction. I find it utterly overwhelming and I have no patience for it. A deluge of consumerism at its worst.

What kind of drought or deluge have you in your life? Why not share it with the dVerse community – or just hop on over for a good old read?

22 thoughts on “Consume – dVerse Poetics

  1. Oh. Yes. I agree. Lots of items tempting the consumer to buy them, try them out. For me personally, it’s the chocolate shelves that call out. 🙂 Interesting take on deluge.

  2. A deluge of grocery store stocking doesn’t sound like fun. I’m glad to see it all when I get there, on the days I can afford to go. Thanks for your labors, here and in the store

  3. Oh.. Lord.. i can relate..
    thEre was/IS A day as store
    grew taller from baby Walmart
    to mama Walmart
    to Super-NoW
    Daddy Walmart
    three bears of Walmart
    over stocked to top of
    ceiling more..
    ugh.. i could
    not get the deTails
    out of the wHole
    D E L U G E.. i
    photo store then..
    and now i don’t even
    notice it as the wife noW
    shops.. i stick the ear buds
    in.. i dance and hardly remember
    any stock aT all except for the stuff
    that catches my eYe in artistic meaning
    for what
    as photo
    art and
    a prompt arT
    Walmart iS in
    few detaLes
    i catch and
    for long
    for long
    at home..
    away from S. W.
    stock floors taLL..;)

  4. The problem with little stores is the higher prices. I adore your angst relative to super markets–oddly, I have the opposite reaction, marveling at the planning & technology to move produce & goods along with such absolute controls. But your take on the prompt is super; smile.

  5. I only go there to buy what I need and then I leave before I buy too much. I think its helpful to have a list so you are not easily tempted. Good one Freya.

  6. Great take on the prompt and I so agree! Twenty kinds of bread to choose from when some folks would be happy to have one slice, any slice.

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