The little things – dVerse Open Link Night



All those tiny details

that, at the time, I failed to mention.

Such as the way you tipped your head

to one side when you were listening,

truly listening.

(I could always tell if you were

only humouring me, or, for that matter, someone else).

I failed to mention that I had noticed this,

and all the other things about you that I loved.

Perhaps my failure wasn’t so tiny,

just like the tiny details of you, that weren’t so insignificant after all.


Tonight, it is Open Link Night over on dVerse, where we can post any poem we like – there’s no specific prompt, so we can choose any route we please!

This poem was inspired by a programme I was listening to on BBC Radio 4 where a poet was reading from her latest published collection. Frustratingly, I can’t find it now, nor can I remember the poet’s name!

Anyway, do head on over to dVerse, dive in and enjoy!

37 thoughts on “The little things – dVerse Open Link Night

  1. You’re a sensitive one – big surprise there – a sensitive poet?? ” 🙂 Don’t you love keeping secret all the things you notice about people that they have no idea that you notice – kind of fun! Love this!!

  2. I sense a melancholy and heaviness in that perhaps you didn’t take advantage of the time spent together to share some of these “tiny” details that you noticed…and now that time is lost as well as the person. You convey the loss very well.

  3. Too often we fail at expressing our appreciation for someone until it is too late. You would think that poets, whose job it is to search for life in the details, would be better at demonstrating our in-tuned-ness to those around us. Unfortunately that rarely seems the case. I suppose that makes us imperfectly human.

  4. “Perhaps my failure wasn’t so tiny– just like the tiny details of you, that weren’t so insignificant after all.” ~ awww, I love it despite the tinge of sadness in this piece!

  5. I really enjoyed the conversational – and yet layered and nuanced – quality of this piece. You have a unique and refreshing writing style that I really enjoyed reading. Very cool!

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